Hair & Makeup Artist

Michelle Bengtson

Michelle is a Montana native with extensive creative interests and skills; Hair and makeup artist, stylist, model, singer/performer (aka Paige Danner) and mixed media artist.

She brings that passion for beauty and creativity to everything she does. Michelle thrives working with other artists and in creative environments. She specializes in enhancing a woman’s natural beauty and creating fresh, natural, timeless looks.

Based in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe area she has over 18 years worth of experience in film, video, print, corporate events, fashion, special events. Michelle has also worked with an impressive list of celebrity clientele.


Raves & Reviews

Having worked with many Hair and Makeup Artists over the years I know all too well that this position is so much more that making talent look good…Yes, the makeup part is first and foremost but then there is being pulled in multiple directions at once, dealing with talent and crew and doing your part so that the production stays on time and on budget.

I can say, without reservation that Michelle excels in all of these areas and over delivers on every project! She is and always will be one of my first calls because I know what I am getting and that is one of the best!
~ Kevin Mahoney- Principal, Rufus Creative

I had the good fortune of working with Michelle on a corporate photo-shoot that I directed from a client perspective. Michelle’s wardrobe and makeup work was nothing short of outstanding.

Her knowledge, expertise and perspective were critical to the success of the project. She not only displayed the skills needed to complete the shoot, but also conveyed an understanding of the goals and strategy behind the project. She consistently articulated and implemented original approaches and changes that truly enhanced the the value of the finished product.

Michelle performed these responsibilities with a consistent level of professionalism, cooperation and very importantly, a great sense of humor. In short, she was a pleasure to work with and a critical factor in the success of the project.

Any enterprise that is considering utilizing Michelle for this type of work can congratulate themselves in advance for being astute enough to pick the very best.
~ Lou Fusaro- producer

Michelle is great to work and has a wide range of talents. I greatly enjoy her funny yet professional attitude on set. She always comes prepared and can work well with direction or can bring her own vision to a project depending on what’s called for. After 20 years working together I would highly recommend her!
~ Ken Ross- photographer